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today, i qualified for GMTA regionals || but why is this a huge step? read below
this is in no way to exalt myself or to brag about my accomplishment today. this is for Him.
comfort zones are meant to be stepped out of. for anyone who knows me, i love to be crazy, but when it comes to comfort zones, i enjoy being in my own little bubble. it is so easy for me to sing in the choir, play piano on stage in church with the Eleven20 Band, sing and play during H2O youth service, or to play trumpet in marching band. these are all in my comfort zone, but when it comes to piano competitions, this is a more difficult task. reason being, for any who don’t know, i have dealt with anxiety. when i was younger, i never understood how people could be so worried about everything. it was all in God’s hands? so what is there to fear? nothing! this is still very true and so relevant still, but as i grew, i began to understand. it actually wasn’t until last year that i began to get very anxious about a big test, a big change, or in this case, a huge competition. i had prepared extremely hard for this one piece called My Tribute. it was/is an outstanding song originally written by Andraé Crouch, and as i began to learn it, i became enthralled by the lyrics and how relevant it became to my life. i was asked by my teacher to perform it for a small audience at TFC, and of course i accepted. this would become one of the 3 preparations before international teen talent. this particular one at TFC was what seemed to me a complete disaster. i walked onstage and began playing this wonderful piece i loved so much, and then i drew a blank. i completely forgot the notes. i replayed the same section three times until i finally fought my way through this piece. i stood and quite honestly wanted to run away, but i stayed. what i noticed was this; the audience still clapped, and some even stood. why? i messed up so bad. every knows i did. but why were they standing? | lesson #1: even when you mess up, He and his angels still give a standing ovation for you. He is your biggest fan. | as i made my way back to my seat, i looked at my parents who gave me the biggest smile. READ MORE.. next picture.


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