When the Lord Doesn’t Answer
I wish with all my heart that the Lord would explain why He doesn’t answer. Instead He says, “Rest in Me.”
Why is it that when He doesn’t answer or give us the desires of our heart right away that we seem to run and try to fulfill them in other areas? That’s a serious question.
We will call these Drive Thru Answers.
Haven’t we all sat down at a nice, fancy restaurant and ordered this big, fancy meal and that big, fancy meal takes a very long time? And then if that wasn’t enough, your drink has been empty for 20 minutes and all of the sudden you feel a huge urge to just pay for your drink and leave to go get fast food and go home. It was getting late. You were tired. They weren’t fast enough, and you just wanted to enjoy some food in the peace of your humble abode.
I have been there. I’m 17 and I am practically a fast-foodaholic. This is the part where everyone says in unison, “Hey Alex.”
But seriously, I love fast food.
That’s not really a problem when we talk about food. Our society has built into each of our minds an expectancy of instant everything. Instant food. Instant messaging. Our Today is full of the now moments instead of the future. There seems to be no reward in waiting; it has become inconvenient.
While that may seem new and technologically advanced, we sometimes get confused at what can and cannot be “fast-forwarded”.
You see, Our God is not a God of drive-thru answers and fast food blessings. He is a God of all three: past, present, and future. He is a God of patience, persistence, and perseverance. He is not a convenient God, nor is He a genie in a bottle to make all our wishes come true.

Sometimes, we seem to think that God is against us because He doesn’t grant all of our wishes exactly when we want them how we want them. What we have seemed to forget is just how small we are compared to how big He is. The picture has not been revealed to us because we simply cannot grasp it all in one sitting. But what we can grasp is the unfailing rock we call, Father, Protector, Defender, Savior, and Friend.
In Jeremiah 29:11 it says, “For I know the plans I have for you..” He knows His plans for you. For me.

And what peace I have in knowing that!! If I had total control over my life for even a day, I would be a complete mess. This verse is much more than just a statement. It is an invitation to trust Him. He has asked us to have faith in Him, in His plans to help us prosper with a future and a hope.

Being human as we are, we want to know everything. Every detail. All of the fine print. Every word of the contract of what God is doing; and as lovely as it all sounds, He is not a Terms and Conditions God. You will never know what His whole plan is, but what He gives you is much better than knowing what’s ahead.
“Let the Holy Spirit guide your lives…” (Galatians 5:16)

Instead of knowledge, ask for a Holy Spirit discernment. Instead of planning your life, Let Jesus take the wheel for a second (props to Carrie Underwood.) Because when we decide to take the wheel, what happens? Sin.

It goes on to say, “Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.”

Craves. Such a strong word to use for our flesh. Let’s break it down.


to feel a powerful desire for something

Basically, what the Bible is saying is that our flesh powerfully desires to sin. It’s a tug of war. A spiritual tug of war if you will.

On one side is our flesh. This portion is full of desire and the world. Full of sin and dangerous tendencies just waiting to bite at the chance of even the slightest bit of sin. The side that has the potential to destroy.

On the other is our spirit man. This portion is our God side. This is where the Holy Spirit resides and fights for our soul. This is the side that breaks addictions, the side that heals sickness, the side that has the potential to very literally move mountains if ever given the power of a meer mustard seed.
Depending on which side we feed daily is the determining factor of which side will win this tug of war.

If we give in to that desire, we begin to weaken our spirit man. And contrary, if we resist the devil, he will flee which strengthens our spirit man. (James 4:7)


When we cannot find an instant answer, we find an instant something to fill us up instead.

Sometimes desires don’t start off bad. Sometimes they become an idol in our lives that turns bad due to our praise of it. Phones can be an idol. Social Media, harmless in nature, can be not only an idol but a gateway into naturally sinful desires. Even a soft drink, a sport, a hobby of any kind when praised above Him can become a deadly weapon of mass destruction on our lives.

Other desires were simply not of God in the first place. Pornography has become a large topic in our generation now and past generation due to the availability of it. Now, social media today has broadcasted and cheapened the beauty of sex and how God created it to be. In nature, within the confines of a holy marriage, God made it to be pure and in all, beautiful. What our world has done is taken what was once holy and beautiful and made it into a cheap and instant fix. It has become a feel-good addiction instead of an act of coming together as one.

Drinking has also taken the lead as a problem for our generation and past generations. Many would argue that drinking is not a sin, and although they are right, at the moment that someone becomes drunk is when that act becomes blatant sin. So why do people insist on drinking? Can this not be an addiction? A gateway to an addiction of alcohol that you may not be able to break alone?
To sum this all up, unholy desires destroy us. So what can save us?
The Holy Spirit.
If we allow Him to guide us every day, if we decide to pursue more of God on a daily (not weekly, not monthly, daily) basis, we will find that it becomes easier and easier to say no. We become stronger in our spirit man and are able to combat the attacks of the enemy. We must learn to pursue God as He pursues us and how to draw near to God, because He pursues us. (James 4:8)
When we learn to be satisfied in the waiting, we will find true peace. Our peace does not come from our sinful desires, not from anything else except the Lord. And although it’s not fun and fair to wait on His answer, whether it may take days, months, or years, He promises to give us the desires of our heart if we stick our course with Him (Psalm 145:19).

Last thing, there is a song called Satisfjed by Jordan Feliz that completely sums up this devotional. The lyrics go like this:

“There is beauty that can lead into temptation

And there are voices that would call me far away

But I have found in Your surrender my salvation

And in Your love I’ve come to find my resting place

Yes in Your love I’ve come to find my resting place


My heart, Your throne

This life belongs to You and You Alone

Let there be no divide

In Only You may my soul be satisfied”

Rely only on Him and His strength. Find shelter under His wings, and never forget how undyingly, recklessly, and absolutely unwaveringly loved you are.



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