Tonight, I wish I could pull you in tight and hug you long & hard and remind you how much the Father loves you. I’d shake your shoulders and tell you, “Even when all eyes are off you, you’re still worth it.”

You’re so worthy. So so worthy. As tears roll down my cheeks, I want you to know that most of all tonight.

The Father has so sweetly reminded me of this tonight. The frustration has been real this week, sis. There’s so many things that have begun to overwhelm me, but this one thing remains: I cannot hide anywhere where His love won’t find me.

Let me rephrase:

Sister, YOU cannot hide anywhere where His love won’t find YOU.

Some of you are running so hard and so far away from the One Thing that can make you whole again. Let this be your wake up call:

Stop Running!!!

Quit hiding from God. It’s time to come out of the desert and step into your calling.

This reminds me so much of Moses.. here’s why.

Back story: God has had His hand on Moses since he was born. He entered the world with a death sentence on his head before he even knew how to crawl, yet the favor of God led him straight to the Pharaoh’s daughter (aka, the guy who wants Mo dead). When his daughter found Moses in a basket on the river, she favored him so much that she raised him in the royal palace right beside the same man who wanted him dead. Crazy how God provides huh? (I suggest you go read that in Ex. 1)

So Exodus 2 rolls around and we found out this man of God, Moses, has killed an Egyptian and ran out of fear from the slave-owner ruler, Pharaoh, that God has called him to free his people from. So he runs the complete opposite direction. Great!

For 40 years this man runs. Runs runs runs away from what he’s called to do.

And maybe that’s you. Maybe you’re running as far as you can from what He’s trying to say to you or maybe even what He’s trying to do in you.

Then God speaks to this man in a bush that’s legitimately on fire. If that’s not weird enough for you, God tells Moses to throw down his staff and He turns it into a snake. A literal s n a k e. And then He tells Moses to grab it by the tail.

If that isn’t the wildest thing you’ve ever heard… it takes major trust to grab a snake by its tail. And that’s the gist. This is all a personified lesson for Moses:

It is not by Moses’s own will, but by His Strength that you can go stand up to Pharaoh.

Come on somebody.

After this encounter, Moses approaches Pharaoh with boldness and famously says and I quote, “Let my people go.”

And then Pharaoh said no. Then God did the thing. And the plagues.. and the freeing.. and so on.

I know what you’re thinking..

“Alex, this has nothing to do with my worth.”

But it does, sis. But it does.

Moses struggled like crazy during this time trying to figure out who he was. He questions God several times.. “Who am I to do this? What would I even say? They won’t believe me. I have a speech impediment! I can’t speak to these people. They won’t take me seriously.”

Moses had some major insecurities, yet the Lord chose him. Why?

By himself, he was nothing. With God, he was fully equipped and qualified.

God is funny like that. He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Lesson #1: Quit trying to prove yourself worthy of God to use you.

Be willing. Be a broken vessel. Broken means vulnerable & imperfect. Which means workable and available. God has a holy calling on your life. YOU. He just wants to see His daughters available with open arms.

Here’s another thing:

The 40 years Mo spent in the desert was NOT in vain. Though he ran because of his own will, the Lord used that time to prepare him for what He called him to do. There is purpose in the waiting period. And even better yet:

There were no eyes on Moses.

God never “uncalled” Moses because no one saw him or his potential. Even better, God didn’t refuse to use him because he ran away. He is faithful to forgive us when we mess up, just as He did Moses. Most of all, God wasn’t phased by another death sentence over his head. In fact, God LOVES stacked odds against Him.

Lesson #2: Even when no one sees you, God still sees you. He’s called you for something bigger than yourself. But even when it feels like no one wants you because they don’t see you, it never means that you’re not worthy.

If I’m entirely honest with y’all, one of my own personal struggles is that I care too much about what others think about me. I’m concerned with who’s looking at me. And there are many times where my concern clouds my spiritual judgement. I’m so focused on who’s paying attention that I forget that my worth doesn’t come from human eyes.

To put it plainly, I’ve been so worried about who’s watching me that I forget who my worth is found in. Pleeeeease don’t make this mistake.

If no one has told you, let me be the first to say that you are worthy, period. No ifs ands or buts. Your worth isn’t tied to your past. Your worth isn’t tied to how many likes and followers you get on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Your worth isn’t tied to how many men are interested in you. It’s not tied to your job, your family, or what others have labeled you.

You are entirely too precious to allow the enemy to convince you that your Heavenly worth is tied to worldly opinions.

So please stop running.

He is the only one that will chase you for eternity.

Remember who you are and who you are made to be. I pray you see just how worthy you truly are in His eyes.

From a sister to another,



This song paints the perfect picture of the love of a Heavenly Father

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up,

mountain You won’t climb up,

coming after me.

There’s no wall You won’t kick down,

lie You won’t tear down,

coming after me.”


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