I’m Alex! I currently attend Toccoa Falls College in the small town of… wait for it… Toccoa, GA. I’ve been raised in a wonderful, God-fearing and loving family. I’m currently 17, and heavily involved in ministry at my church, The Pointe. I’ve been involved in the music ministry for 6 years which has become one of my biggest passions. I love to spend time with family & friends, take pictures, and write blogs! (since you totally didn’t know that already)

To be honest, I never intended to start a blog of devotionals. After giving my testimony at Fields of Faith which is Stephens County High School’s FCA big event, I was asked by many people to post my talk. The only place I knew to do that was on WordPress which led me to write more devotionals geared towards daily struggles. Now, I have found another passion of mine- to help guide others through struggles using my personal testimonies. And I absolutely love it! Being able to share my heart with you brings me such joy, and I hope you find the very thing God wants to speak to your heart through these small pieces of my heart. Thank you so much for visiting!

If you are interested in contacting me, I created a twitter account to connect with you. @alexsdevos

My email is alexnsmith99@gmail.com

I love you Sweet brother/sister in Christ!



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