Face to Face

I had a vision a few years ago that Jesus danced with me. It was a beautiful scene. We were gliding through a sea of anointing oil, bathed in the Presence of God. A holy dance if you will. I was wearing an elegant, stunningly sewed wedding dress: pearls and diamonds woven within the material.…Read more »

Who do YOU say I am?

Hello sweet friends! I’ve come to ask you one question today. Really simple and easy   Why are you holding back from God? Seems easy enough. Some of you may think, “I’m not at all. I am totally open with the Lord!” and that’s SO wonderful if you are! But then there’s another group of…Read more »

beauty is:

a pearl, a flower garden, the ocean, the sunset on a warm summer night, an overlook of mountains on a cold snowy day, fires in the night, the feeling when the sun hits your face and you close your eyes and feel the rays touching your skin all of these are very natural beauties of…Read more »


i am tired. exhausted. i’ve had a full day. and i just want to rest. these are my favorite excuses to push God off until tomorrow. it’s truly hard to think of anyone but yourself when you’re dead tired at 10:30 and want nothing else but a nice night’s sleep. but “let each of you…Read more »


learning how to find beauty in mistakes: grace unconditional, blood-bought forgiveness sometimes, i think i’m exempt from this grace. it’s not that i don’t accept that i am human, but it’s more that i don’t think that God would forgive me for the same thing more than once. sometimes i even count and make sure…Read more »


When the Lord Doesn’t Answer I wish with all my heart that the Lord would explain why He doesn’t answer. Instead He says, “Rest in Me.” Why is it that when He doesn’t answer or give us the desires of our heart right away that we seem to run and try to fulfill them in…Read more »