learning how to find beauty in mistakes: grace unconditional, blood-bought forgiveness sometimes, i think i’m exempt from this grace. it’s not that i don’t accept that i am human, but it’s more that i don’t think that God would forgive me for the same thing more than once. sometimes i even count and make sure…Read more »


When the Lord Doesn’t Answer I wish with all my heart that the Lord would explain why He doesn’t answer. Instead He says, “Rest in Me.” Why is it that when He doesn’t answer or give us the desires of our heart right away that we seem to run and try to fulfill them in…Read more »


  for those who want to read and those who need to read: abide. of all the words to choose from, i chose abide. here’s why. throughout the past months, i’ve been struggling with a load of anxiety and doubt. the devil threw in memories of my past to stir up anxiety, fear, doubt and…Read more »